We are so happy to have on with us what we hope is the first of many episodes with my new co-host at “Court-Side with Beilinson Tennis”, Steve Flink. As many of you know, Steve is a sports journalist who has been a columnist and editor with magazines such as World Tennis Magazine, Tennis Magazine and Tennis Week. Steve has also done a lot of work for Tennis Channel. In 2017, Steve was elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in the Contributor category. We have had him on a couple times previously, and I think I must have caught him in a lapse of judgement when I asked him to collaborate with me going forward. That said, I am so thrilled Steve agreed to be a co-host with me. It is my privilege again to welcome back to the “Court-Side with Beilinson Tennis” pod, Steve Flink. We talk all things Aussie Open on this episode. Please enjoy!